Beta-Testing 101

Beta-Testing 101

Now entering the ‘Official Beta-Testing’ phase.

You might be asking yourself – ‘What is’ AND ‘What is Beta-Testing’?

What is the Small Business Connector?

We are a website specializing in promoting small businesses, connecting customers with local businesses that provide a variety of services.

You simply answer the 5W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) and then we FIND someone to do the job.

What is allows businesses to enter their information directly into our database. Once approved businesses will begin to receive matches for the services they provide in their service area. works in conjunction with our partner site,, when a request is made for services we will access our records to find the appropriate business to fulfill it.

What is Beta-Testing?

Beta-test means a field test of the beta version of a product (ie. the website, especially by testers outside the company developing it that is conducted prior to commercial release.

The release date is April 1st, and we need your help in testing –

You may place actual ‘test’ requests for services. To be clear, at this time, we aren’t accepting REAL requests. If you provide a valid email address, you should receive an auto-generated response. Don’t be afraid that you’ll break anything but definitely report anything strange to

It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States, as long as you provide a valid zip code the website will be able to process it.

Thanks for helping!